Welcome to Fitstuff Run Club.

We were established in 2012 and had a handful of runners with just one choice of session available. Today the offer is, typically, a choice of four with sixty to seventy runners meeting at the shop at either 17.45 or 18.15, every Wednesday evening. Sessions last one hour. Our schedule is on the website.

So that you know what sort of club we are, we sit between couch to 5K and Club athletics. We are not affiliated and take no joining fees. The only cost to you will be if we hire the track at The Spectrum and you decide to come along. That cost is £2 during the summer and £3 over the winter months.

All of the Run Leaders are volunteers and are EA qualified ( England Athletics ).

What we offer

Our running offer includes two training options ( hills, interval or a tempo run ), and a just run of either 10K or 7K. We ask that you can complete a 5K run within 30 minutes before you join us, otherwise the sessions may be too stretching and we would have trouble managing a large group.

There is a huge element of socialness about us. We enjoy our cake and there is always a drink to be had in the pub post run. On the last Wednesday of the month we make a point of going to the pub.

We can also be found on facebook.

We will be very glad to see you if you decide to come along.

This months schedule

Alex Read

Keith Harrison

Matthew King

Ry Webb

Paula Aldred

Tamara Pedgrift

Rebecca Brennan

Lyndsey Brown

Bronwyn Mayo

Bill Wild

David Corrie