Why Buy Shoes At Fitstuff?

At Fitstuff we try to make buying running shoes as uncomplicated and relaxed as possible. With the right shoes on your feet, you should feel unstoppable. We know how our favourite shoes make us feel, and we’re committed to helping you find your new favourite pair too.

Our staff are all enthusiastic runners, and between them they have many years of experience in analysing foot types and running gaits.

We know that our customers are all unique, and we like to take as much time as is necessary to find the most comfortable and supportive shoe for their specific running action. It’s not uncommon to see shoes out of the box and on the cobbles of Chapel Street as you put them to the test. The right pair of shoes can mean the difference between beating your time and having a terrible time, and we know which we’d prefer.

We can offer you a free video gait analysis and, if we’ve fitted your shoes, you’ll get a 30-day comfort guarantee. We also pride ourselves on our after-sale service so if you ever have a problem with your shoes, come and see us – we’ll always do whatever we can to help a fellow runner.