Chia Charge Banana Flapjack


This balanced recipe enables a fast energy boost to be backed up with slower burn carbs, so there is no post gel crash in energy, you just keep moving forward with real food. The bogoya bananas have an almost toffee banana flavour which has been concentrated through the power of the African sun in solar driers. Keeping with the high standards for ingredient selection, they only use Fairtrade bananas.

You can see from the nutritional profile that there are fast acting carbohydrates and more complex carbohydrates that will sustain your energy levels after the initial benefits of the simple sugars wear off. With nearly 5g of protein and Omega 3 and 6s to aid recovery, this bar should give you plenty of feel good factor. This contains sea salt flakes like the original Chia Charge Flapjack, so will also help electrolyte replacement. This recipe contains only wholesome ingredients that you would find in your kitchen cupboard. The golden syrup and brown sugar will give you immediate benefits in a manageable burst while the oats provide slower burning carbs. The chia seeds will provide you with omega 3 and antioxidants aiding recovery, joint and brain function The sea salt flakes are a natural form of electrolyte replacement. Using sea salt flakes means you get layers of flavours. The flapjack is baked so that it has a slight chew through the edge, soft further in and is easy to digest, which is essential when you are on the move.