My Brooks GTS get me through my evening runs

Paul Galley

Fitstuff is Paul’s brainchild!

he has worked hard to carefully build it into the store that it is today. Fed up with the number of specialist running shops run by faceless corporations, he wanted to create a runner’s community as much as open a shop. He wanted to listen to the ideas and experiences of each runner and make sure he could cater to their needs individually. He has always been a keen runner himself, representing Surrey both on the track and at cross-country events.

After studying Biomechanics and Sports Physiology at university, where he conducted extensive research into running shoe function, he wanted to put his knowledge and research to the best possible use. When we say we are expert at fitting running shoes, we mean it. Like any runner though, Paul is always looking for ways to improve things. There are always new ranges that can be added and, who knows, maybe even bigger premises to expand into.